Efrat yoga at the WAVEHappy spring!
We are adding a new evening class in Manhattan Beach  for your convenience .
Evening classes resume on 
March 23rd.
1Thursday @ 5:30 pm.
8 mtgs. for $59 at Mira Costa High School cafeteria.

2.  Monday and Wednesday  
@ 6:00 pm. 22 classes for $119              
at Redondo Beach High School dance room.

Register - South Bay Adult School   310.937.3340 x 3308

Efrat yoga at the WAVENew class you must try -
"Just like going to the Spa"

3. Restorative yoga 
Every Saturday
at 8:45 am. @ BCHD
Clink here to find out what Restorative Yoga can do
for you.

4.  Gentle Hatha yoga 
Every Tuesday at 8:50 am

Both classes are offered at Beach cities Health Cities
514 N. Prospect Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
310. 374.3426

Efrat yoga at the WAVE
5.  Cancer Support Community yoga class
Thursdays @ 10:00 am
 109 West Torrance Boulevard  Redondo Beach, California, 90277

For scheduling classes, parties, and private sessions contact 
Efrat at 310 404 6464  or
My motto is ‘Yoga is Loving‘
I believe Yoga teaches us acceptance and compassion for ourselves and others.

We use our most important tool, our breath, to get to a place of calmness inside us.

Yoga gives us time to 'look inside' ourselves instead of projecting energy and efforts on external matters, like competition or judgments.

Yoga guides us to 'be in the moment' accepting things exactly the way they areeven with imperfections.
Through Yoga practice we also reconnect with our bodies, giving us the opportunity to recognize our strengths, but more importantly,
lovingly accepting our limitations.  

Because of my personal views of  Yoga, and my desire to have yoga accessible to all;  I offer many modifications to the asanas, encourage students to ‘listen to their own body’ and choose the level of challenge that works for them the best at the given moment.

It is important to me that people who are not comfortable in competitive, high-pressure environments - whether they are physically limited or not - can find a safe place in my classes.
Therefore, I enjoy teaching the calming"Candlelight Yoga" as well as teaching "Plus Sized Yoga" and ,"Yoga with a Chair" classes. 
I have also volunteered for the last three years at the 'Cancer Support Community' in R.B., teaching yoga to cancer patients and their families.

I always promote the following ideas: 
 * If you can breathe – you can do yoga! 
* Yoga is meditation in motion. 
310 404 6464
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